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Zombie Awareness v1.9.2

Latest Download for MC v1.7.10

Client & Server: Mirror 1

* Requires: Forge Universal .1180+

Main Features:

- Smarter more aware zombies (and skeletons), they track you down via blood scent, sound, and light source awareness, config lets you pick and choose what features to have.

-- Blood scents: You spill blood if you get hurt, and if low health you bleed out once in a while
-- Sound sources: Mining for blocks will alert other zombies of your position
-- Light sources: Zombies can see exposed light sources from super far away, and will come to investigate if they have line of sight
- Night surface spawning: More zombies spawn in groups at night, causes random invasions
- Long distant waypoints: Mobs will gather up together and wander the terrain in large groups randomly
- Randomly faster zombies: Zombies are given a small buff in speed to add more unpredictableness

Older Version Downloads:

for MC 1.7.2: Download
for MC 1.6.4: Download
for MC 1.5.2: Download
for MC 1.5.1: Download
for MC 1.4.7: Download

Mod Update News:

New in v1.9.2 for 1.7.2/10:

- Updated to MC 1.7.2 / 1.7.10, this does not contain the planned replacement of EntityScents to pure data just yet

New in v1.9.2:


- Updated to latest CoroUtil
- Zombie speed buff feature disabled for now until a proper new implementation with attribute system is done

New in v1.91:


- Updated to maintain compatibility with recent Tropicraft update
- CoroAI renamed to CoroUtil

New in v1.9:

New Features

- A pile of new configurations added, a bit of a mess at the moment, to be resolved once new feature reorganization happens
- Old extra spawning via 'maxZombiesNight' still exists, but 2 new per player only spawning ways exist:
-- Surface spawning: will spawn zombies from nothing randomlyish around you on the topmosts blocks at night (might violate some spawn rules, carefull)
-- Cave spawning: depends on existing zombies, will duplicate a new zombie like the old 'maxZombiesNight' but is for caves, more event based, intelligent cave spawning systems will become preset in Hostile Worlds and this feature will remain random
-- Lots of ways to configure it, see the standard /config command way
-- Also has an option to make them 1 time auto target the player they're spawning near without needing omnipotence on all the time

- Ability to switch to csv list of Entities, as well as a way to switch the list between whitelist and backlist, use the the console debugs to see if your list is properly ticking on the entities you want, /za list helps you see the naming you need to use, this should help enable use of ZA on mod entities more, if they use vanilla path following ways

- New 'per player' based configuring option have been added in an attempt to make it more customizable for servers but requires admin to config:
-- Senses (sound, blood)
-- New extra surface spawning
-- New extra cave spawning

- Client side only configs: render blood, show debug visual of senses in world (shows their strength in size too)
- A bunch of other small improvements I've forgotten

- Future plan
I don't like that I have to adjust the settings of ZA to more intense as I progress in the game, theres a flow issue.....
So I'm going to take my player rating calculating code from Hostile Worlds and add it to ZA to dynamically update the 'difficulty' of ZA around you, and a way to the client player to tell the server they want features on like extra spawning (some really hate that stuff entirely)
Hopefully this will make ZA only a little active when you are just starting out, and as you get awesome armor etc, ZA updates the challenge appropriately in its passive non event based way of doing its stuff
No ETA on when I'll do this, basically when the right kind of motivation hits me

New in v1.85:

New Features:
- Zombies get a slight randomized speed buff (configurable)
- Added option for surface zombie spawn delay
- Ops can change any config ingame with /za command (restores config file setting on restart)

Bug fixes:
- Fixed random blood showing up
- Removed limit on max scents, random chance and max spawn time of 1 minute keeps the total amount of them down.
- Fixed concurrent modification exceptions for good, CoroAI pathfinding uses a maintained world cache now
- Lots of self correcting fixes added to CoroAI PFQueue for better long term dedicated server functionality

New in 1.8:

- New light awareness, will spot exposed light sources near players (configurable)
- Adds around 10-20 more zombies to the surface at night (configurable)

New in v1.7:

- Chance for hostiles to gather around other zombies (1/40)
- Chance for hostiles to hear piston noises (1/40)
- Wandering hordes is default on for those with no config yet

More Information:

Summary (slightly outdated):

Hostile monsters have been given the ability to smell blood that the player spills, and even hear the players activities depending on how loud and frequent it is. If they sense it, they will find you.

Mining in caves has a whole new challenge to it with this, be carefull not to get cornered when busy making all that noise mining those much needed materials, always plan an escape route.

Full Feature List:

Optional extra senses

Scent Awareness:

  • When Blood scents are dropped, they slowly decay in strength until gone, causing hostiles to pathfind to the stronger scents, where you might be.
  • When the player is hurt, he spills blood onto the ground.
  • When the player is below 60% health, he bleeds every 30 seconds leaving a fresh scent, so be sure to keep healthy.
  • For distractions, you can kill an animal which spills blood on death, giving you a better chance to get away to safety or to clear an opening to a cave.
  • Scent usage and strength is customizable, strength defaults at 100% of a 64 block radius.

Sound Awareness:

  • When pretty much anything near the player makes a sound, there is a chance that a hostile within about 16 blocks might hear it.
  • Sounds traces are amplified and are heard from farther away if they are very frequent. So a lot of arrows landing or fighting off a lot of monsters will attract company fairly soon, better relocate.
  • Sound usage and strength is customizable, strength defaults at 100% of a 64 block radius. (19 blocks)

Sight Enhancement:

  • Customizable sight awareness range.
  • Option for X-Ray Sight targeting.
  • Option to have hostiles lose their target based on range and line of sight, or to never loses target.
  • Option for Omnipotent auto player targeting.

Activated Pathfinding:

  • Uses my CoroAI package that supports a queued rangeless pathfinding running on a separate thread. If sight range or auto targeting is within the set pathfind range, it does a full pathfind attempt, if outside the range, the hostile will pathfind in small pieces towards its target, using multiple different attempts, tries an area towards the target a couple times, if that fails, tries to pathfind to the highest Y block towards the target, works amazingly well for long distance surface focused situations, or non huge maze buildings.
  • Entities follow their path unless within 3.5 blocks of their target and has line of sight.
  • Customizable Pathfinding range, optimized for 128 block radius, gives no performance hitches on my Core2 E8400@3GHz, 256 is easily playable, but a little stuttery maybe.

How To Install:


1. Install Forge
2. Extract the zip, and do what the folder says

Extra Configuration:

# general

general {